Aw, Valentine’s Day. A sweet holiday meant to give your cutie pie a little gift and maybe snuggle them a little tighter in the spirit the day that celebrates love. Well, unfortunately, Democrats don’t take vacation days when it comes to spewing hateful rhetoric.

Vice President Pence and his wife sent some loving tweets out this morning in hopes of brightening some days and starting off the day on the right foot. They sent out the following,

“@SecondLady…my valentine since 1983. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day from @VP and @SecondLady and Harley and Hazel!”

But so often as the “tolerant left” does, they attempted to ruin their day, make themselves even more miserable, and honestly put an awful taste in our mouths that only some sweet Valentine’s chocolate could sage.

These comments included those like from @Political_5000 the read, “Jesus told me to say, go to hell.” And from @Blacklace40, “Did Jeebus tell you to tweet this?”

Others took stabs rooted in assumptions of homophobia, such as @Trumpalump with, “Mother, may I hold this dog even though it is female? Yes but only if I’m in the room to supervise you so you don’t nail it.”

Most notably the worst came from has-been comedian, Michael Ian Black, who tweeted the following, “Oh my God, are they going to f**k their pets?”

Being a very strong, Christian couple, VP Pence and his leading lady certainly won’t let the haters and snakes ruin their day, nor should they. Be careful, Democrats, your “tolerant” hypocrisy is showing.