Watch the video below:

First Lady Melania Trump spent her Valentine’s Day visiting a number of children at National Institute of Health’s Children’s Inn in Bethesda, MD.

Watch the video below:

As soon as Melania arrived, many of the children were very eager to greet her and show her something they had made for her. One boy even hands her a hand-made Valentine’s Day gift bag which he had prepared for her beforehand.

The First Lady spent the entire afternoon decorating cookies and trading Valentine’s Day cards with the children. This was such an incredible day for everyone.

One of the most memorable moments was when a little girl, Amber Negrete, asked what Melania’s favorite part of being First Lady was, to which Melania replied that it was, “Meeting children like you.”

Collectively, the children and staff presented Melania with a beautiful hand-made canvas with a large heart and a message underneath reading, “Happy Valentine’s Day Mrs. Trump! The Children’s Inn at NIH.” The perfect keepsake to bring back to the White House.

The Children’s Inn also posted their gratitude for Melania’s visit on social media where they thanked her again and posted a photo from the day.

Melania Trump is such an incredible First Lady! This is just one of many times that she has taken time to personally visit a children’s hospital. There is truly no better way to spend this Valentine’s Day! God bless her!