In a very hypocritical lecture titled, “The Rule of Law in a Time of Polarization,” a Northeastern University political economy professor, Barry Bluestone, made some very treasonous and threatening words for President Trump.


“Sometimes I want to just see him impeached. Other times, quite honestly – I hope there are no FBI agents here – I wouldn’t mind seeing him dead.”

Prank about president Donald Trump:

While there were no FBI agents present, a student filmed the ignorance and posted it to YouTube on Monday. It went viral rather quickly, pressuring Northeastern to issue the following statement to the Boston Globe,

“The university and its leaders steadfastly oppose violence in all its forms. While faculty members are free to express controversial opinions, the university cannot provide a public platform for comments that could be construed to condone violence.”

The threats were much more serious than “controversial opinions,” as he is spending this time that the students (regardless of political party) have paid for to spew hatefulness and unpatriotic ideas that aren’t beneficial to their education or the topic at hand.

Realizing that the university was not going to defend him, Bluestone began to feel the heat and possible repercussions of his loose morals, releasing the following statement. It’s not much better than the first one.

“What I should have said is, ‘I would love to see him disappear, I’d like him out of the White House.’”

He finished why claiming that actually wishing death for our president would make him “as bad as he is.” Although we don’t see President Trump running around wishing ill for college professors. Maybe Bluestone will learn to keep his feet out of his mouth; it leaves a bad taste in everyone else’s.

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