The astonishingly stubborn has-been and House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, spoke for eight straight hours on Wednesday on the floor of the House of Representatives in protest of a budget deal finally determined by Senate leaders.

Watch the video below:

She received a standing ovation, which is presumably due to her audience’s jubilance that her speech had finally come to an end, and they could all go home.

Watch the video below:

Pelosi remarked that herself and her Democrat colleagues would oppose the budget unless House Speaker, Paul Ryan, would concede and allow a vote to grant amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Pelosi started with her crocodile tears:

“You see, these people are being deported,” Pelosi said at one point, taking out a tissue. “We can do something today to at least make whole them children.”

She didn’t draw a lot of attention from the Republicans, even with her monopolization of the spotlight for an extended period of time, however, the ultimate takedown was tweeted out by the Republican Congressional Committee,

“Dear @NancyPelosi Every minute you’re in front of the cameras, you make our job easier. Best, @NRCC”


Even House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy had a riff at her expense, suggesting that the spectacle may be added to her Wikipedia page as, “her biggest accomplishment this year.”

Wow, what a joke. A misuse of government time, and all to contend on behalf of illegal immigrants.

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